The Conundrum of “Woke” and “Awakened”

LISTEN: A very common expression now is whether one is “woke”. This is a word from Black communities about awareness of oppression and racism. How does it compare with the broader term “Awakened?” Does “woke” divide or include those of other groups?      

Promoting HOPE

LISTEN:     Ebony Baxter grew up around Crawford County, PA. She currently serves as the Community Development Organizer for Women’s Services, Inc.. She has navigated social service systems from both sides, as a person and a professional, and uses her experiences to help other navigate those same systems. Ebony worked as a Youth Support … Continued

Vows, Not Resolutions

LISTEN: Why would a vow be more authentic than a New Years Resolution? Can a life vow become a spiritual practice for us all to use in the year ahead?