Bruce Harlan

Rocking and Rolling in Community

Can music save our mortal souls? Can it teach us how to dance real slow?  From the very first moment I witnessed The Beatles’ American debut on the Ed Sullivan show back in 1964, I was swept away by the mystical chords of rock music. Beyond the mere melodies and lyrics, the  connection formed that evening touched … Continued

Meadville, The I Kindest Community In America!

Can one single act of kindness create a ripple effect of such magnitude that the city of Meadville becomes known nationally as the friendliest, most generous and considerate community in the nation?  If so, what would it take to bring this vision to fruition?   LISTEN:

Come Round and Be Roused.  Awake!

When we experience an “awakening”, we suddenly become aware of some “thing” that was previously hidden from us. These awakenings can occur more than once in our lives and each time we experience one, it rouses us from inactivity or indifference and alters our understanding of that thing.  In other words, an awakening is a … Continued

Widening the Circle of Authority

In any nonprofit organization, ultimate authority lies with the Board of Directors (BOD). The BOD then delegates authority to its chief executive officer, who, in turn, further delegates authority to senior managers and so forth.  But what would happen if you widened the circle of authority to include the people who actually do the work, … Continued

BHAGs.  What are they and why should I care?

A big hairy audacious goal, or BHAG, is a clear and compelling target for an organization to strive for. The term was coined in the book Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras.  Bruce Harlan, Executive Director for Women’s Services, will discuss what organizations can do today, tomorrow, … Continued

Stories to Live By

Stories teach us about life and about ourselves.  When a story engages our imagination, we are more likely to remember its message and meaning.  For me, stories told through a visual medium are most effective.  Presented in this morning’s talk are five movie clips that taught me something about life and character.  

Strategic imagination

When we challenge deep-rooted assumptions and reject the tendency to assess new innovations and opportunities by current systems and standards, we unleash the transformative power of our collective imaginations. Click Here To View Service

Let the Healing Begin

When we engage in honest self-reflection, we are confronted with the pain and regret that resides within ourselves. Too often, our inner light is dimmed by this burden of suffering. When we seek healing, however, we can transcend suffering and unleash the power of possibilities.   Click Here To View Service

Life: A Journey Or A Destination

The musings of a middle-aged man on which is more important.  This short talk will explore lessons learned and insights gained from a life in service to others.       LISTEN: