The Unitarian Universalist Church of Meadville (UUCM) welcomes all people, without regard to race, gender, age, disability ,sexual orientation, gender identity/expression or national origin, to participate fully in our activities, and to apply to use our buildings for UUCM or non–‐UUCM events. Because we are a religious organization of people who embrace shared principles (namely, the Seven Principles of the Unitarian Universalist Association,) and who hold to a declared mission and vision, we offer the use of our buildings only for events that do not violate those principles and that mission and vision.

Additionally, in deciding whether to approve a Building Use Application, we consider the safety of an event and its environmental impact. The Board of the UUCM reserves the right to deny any building use request. In this way we seek to maintain our integrity, our identity, and the trust of our members and friends and the wider community. We also give ourselves the joy of seeing our facilities used for purposes that further our vision of a diverse, loving, just and sustainable world.

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To view our building use policy and guidelines please click here.