Karen Schreiber-Mason

Memorial Day Remembrance

Memorial Day Reflections: Remembering    Honoring       Respecting           Loving              Allowing Click Here To View Service

The Power of Imagination

Continued exploration of imagination and our best selves. Click Here To View Service

Imagine Your Best Self

As the new year begins, let us imagine our best selves, who we want to be, how to get there, and how to sustain it. Click Here To View Service

Gratitude Sunday

Offering gratitude for our blessings, extending connection to others and practicing connection with one another, even as we Zoom. Click Here To View Service


LISTEN: What is nurturing? How are we nurtured? How do others nurture us? How do we nurture others? How do we nurture ourselves? An exploration.

Let’s Be Grateful

Come join us in a circle service of gratitude in the Arthur Room to celebrate our gratitude.