Karen Schreiber-Mason


Jackie Roberson, executive director of the FCCA, and Karen Schreiber Mason will have an open conversation about vulnerability. What is it? How do we feel when we a vulnerable? What do we do when we feel vulnerable? LISTEN:

Promises to Keep: Resolutions or Intentions?

Perhaps there is a better way to fire our resolve to do better as the new year begins. Can we sustain it? Can we maintain it? Can we change it? Can we remain present?   LISTEN:

Sharing Our Common Values

This Sunday members of our UUCM Church and the Faith Builders community will share some of our common values. LISTEN:  


Building community through relationships in groups large and small, one-on-one, and in our relationships with ourselves. LISTEN:  

Pastoral Care

What is its essence and value? How do we do it?

Hanukkah and Solstice

This service will focus on celebrations of light during December dark.     LISTEN:  

The Courage of Hope

Hope, both fragile and strong, takes courage. LISTEN:  

Memorial Day Remembrance

Memorial Day Reflections: Remembering    Honoring       Respecting           Loving              Allowing Click Here To View Service