A Personal Connection

Before our Annual Meeting begins, we’ll explore some of the ways that personal connections — to the people in our church, to its history, and to its buildings — help make our time in this congregation meaningful for us.  We’ll also enjoy special music and stories as part of this abbreviated service.

Singing the Blues

This musical service will explore the blues.  We’ll learn that not all blues are built on a I-IV-V chord structure (and by the end of the service you’ll know what that means!).  And we’ll hear some of the ways that complex feelings have been expressed in classic blues songs over the years. We’ll be joined … Continued

More about Light

Light is the touchstone for this season with many meanings and interpretations. Light and lightness can bring you through many a tough time. Let me tell stories to get us through the year.  

Connecting through Tradition

Our Christmas Eve service will use songs and stories to celebrate holiday traditions that bring families, friends, and communities together.  Come and be part of our tradition as we revel in the festive decorations of our sanctuary and experience the wonder of a candle-lit portion of the service!