A Thirst for Wholeness

Carl Jung wrote about our universal human search for wholeness as ‘a thirst for wholeness’. How do we respond to this search in our society that is seemingly addicted to consumer goods and other immediate gratifications?    

Meadville, The I Kindest Community In America!

Can one single act of kindness create a ripple effect of such magnitude that the city of Meadville becomes known nationally as the friendliest, most generous and considerate community in the nation?  If so, what would it take to bring this vision to fruition?

Valentine’s Day and the “L” Word

We know the usual theme for Valentine’s Day as Love. What’s another theme that is important to liberal religious communities?

The Ecology of Being: Saving the World for Democracy

This talk begins with recent examples of the stirring reclamation of damaged ecosystems around the world — instilling hope for our future — and ends with the implications of ecology for the conflict between capitalism and democracy. Along the way it explores the many metaphoric meanings of ecology, stemming from its etymological affinity with economics as … Continued

That Other ‘U’ in ‘UU’: Universalism for a New Generation

Oftentimes in our churches, I hear the term “Unitarian” without that other “U”. What exactly is Universalism in the 21st century? Does it still have importance for us now?