Caron Carnahan

The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved the Most:  The True Story of Mary of Magdala

We’ll consider the early Christian Mary and her Gospel.  According to gnostic sources, she was the apostle who was most loved by Jesus.  A strong and independent woman, Mary was the recipient of the deepest teachings of Christ before the Council of Nicaea redefined her as the subservient, non-apostolic prostitute. LISTEN:

Our Sacred Voice

Having calm, reasoned dialogue with our northwestern Pennsylvania neighbors can be tricky and stressful.  How can we use our own sacred, intentional voice to bring people to the polls in November? LISTEN:      

Drum Circle

“A Summer of Music” Appreciation of music in many forms and expression. This summer we will explore some of the aspects of music’s universal spirituality. People often say the “music is the thing that gets me through.”  Hopefully, we will experience and learn more about music’s inclusive and mood affirming nature, how musical expression supports … Continued

The Theological Imperative of Dismantling White Supremacy Culture

In general, people tend to think of tearing down systems of oppression as social justice work.  As UUs, our call to do this work is equally theological.  How do we engage in the holy work of dismantling white supremacy culture as individuals and as a faith community? LISTEN:  

Finding Clarity in the Darkness

Join us as we observe the Winter Solstice by exploring the possibility of finding clarity in the darkness.       LISTEN:    

Welcoming Back the Light

At the winter solstice, the days become longer. Let us celebrate the return of the light with warming words and a drumming. Please bring a candle and a drum or other percussion instrument.   Click Here To View Service

Only 44 Days Left:  Will Democracy Leave the Building?

There are only 44 days until the most significant presidential election of our time.   American democracy hangs in the balance.  Join us for a UU the Vote Pennsylvania progress report and thoughts on how we can be stronger together in our electoral engagement.   Click Here To View Service  


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