Buddhist Meditation Group every Wednesday starting October 6th

We know that we live in a chaotic and scary world especially with covid and politics. We cannot change that, but we can create a sense of self-and-other awareness that may give us equanimity and balance in hard moments.

I lived and struggled with life for many years. I lived in a Buddhist monastery in Oregon for a year and have had many years of practice since then. Slowing down helps! I will offer a weekly Buddhist lite meditation group at 7 pm on

Wednesdays starting October 6. We’ll meet either in the dining room or Arthur room in the Parish House.

Meditation time will be 20 minutes and then brief walking meditation. We’ll have tea (not formal tea) afterward and discuss our experience with meditation. We will have a choice to sit in a chair, on a cushion if you bring your own, or sitting on the floor. We will conclude each session with metta (loving-kindness) practice.The group will be open to anyone whether new to meditation or otherwise. I can give instruction if needed for beginners.