Rick Holmgren


We anticipate the arrival of a new year and new possibilities. LISTEN:

Why Are We Here?

Questions about purpose or the meaning of life have been motivating spiritual seekers for millennia. In this service, we will reflect on those questions, both for ourselves and for the UU Church of Meadville. LISTEN:

On Change

To paraphrase an apocryphal Buddhist saying, ‘Change is inevitable; suffering is optional.’ We consider what this might mean for us in the current environment. Click Here To View Service

Being of Service

LISTEN: Wanting to help seems to be a natural impulse for humans, understanding how we can be truly helpful perhaps less so. Today we reflect on how we can be of real service to ourselves and others.

Why Worship?

LISTEN: UUs have been gathering in our sanctuary for worship at 10:30 each Sunday for nearly 200 years. Why do we do it? What draws us together? What is worship anyway? Please join us to reflect on these questions.  

Creating Space

LISTEN: This morning, we will reflect on creating space to allow opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.    


Please join us as we reflect on the power of listening.  

On Authority

We reflect on the nature of authority, a term that shares its linguistic roots with author, and consider who we allow to be the author of our lives.

On Coming Home

Coming home is a concept common to many mystic and spiritual traditions. In this service we ask, “What is this home, and how might we get there?”