Rick Holmgren

On Authority

We reflect on the nature of authority, a term that shares its linguistic roots with author, and consider who we allow to be the author of our lives.

On Coming Home

Coming home is a concept common to many mystic and spiritual traditions. In this service we ask, “What is this home, and how might we get there?”

On Salvation

Please join us for a reflection on “Salvation” as we consider who is being “saved”, from what, and by whom.  

Inviting Death to Tea and Lunch, and again for a Nightcap

Losses of beloved members on our community recently have led me to think about what we can honor, celebrate, and grieve as a life transitions into death.  Maybe upending some of our usual assumptions might help us honor our own lives as death stares us (hopefully from a distance!) in the face.  Special music will accompany the … Continued

A Pebble for your Thoughts

​This is ​a service for all ages. Please join the UU youth, Rachel Meerson, and Rick Holmgren to learn about the RE students work with Thich Nhat Hanh’s pebble meditation and what the rest of us might gain from it.  


Please join us for a reflection on what it means to be present to our lives, ourselves, and one another.  


Please join us for a meditation on hope, its source, and what we can do to create peace in our time.


LISTEN: As discourse in our country and community becomes increasingly divisive and combative, it is time to remind ourselves again of the power of forgiveness in our lives and the healing of our world. Please join us as we reflect on what we can do to create peace in our time.