Caron Carnahan

Welcoming Back the Light

At the winter solstice, the days become longer. Let us celebrate the return of the light with warming words and a drumming. Please bring a candle and a drum or other percussion instrument.   Click Here To View Service

Only 44 Days Left:  Will Democracy Leave the Building?

There are only 44 days until the most significant presidential election of our time.   American democracy hangs in the balance.  Join us for a UU the Vote Pennsylvania progress report and thoughts on how we can be stronger together in our electoral engagement.   Click Here To View Service  


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Jettison the Old, Believe in the New: Fire Communion

Join us for a traditional UU Fire Communion service.  We’ll welcome the New Year by building a symbolic fire, to which we will commit our cares and worries on small pieces of paper.  As they burn, our concerns are released, while our hopes rise like phoenixes from the ashes.  We’ll finish with a period of chanting … Continued

Sacred Spaces:  An Architecture For Liberal Religion

LISTEN: What makes a space sacred? We’ll explore the evolution of church architecture from the ornate to the rational, with emphases on the period from the design of Meadville UUC to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple in Oak Park, IL.  


Summer service in Parish House.

Beloved Community for All: Welcoming and Including Our Transgender Congregants

LISTEN: The Spring 2019 issue of UU World included an article which was meant to provide information about transgender issues within the UUA.  Instead, its insensitive format provoked hurt, dismay and anger in the UU trans community.  This service will explore the language and approaches we can use in interacting with our trans congregants.