Rev. Alex Holt

The Gemstone Religion: The Sources of our Faith Part 1

The envisioning plan you read and heard spoke of the Sources for what gifts they can give us in our uncertain time. How can the Six Sources nourish the values of the Seven Principles in each generation? LISTEN:


Many religious traditions have rituals of atonement and forgiveness. UU’s don’t. How can we have a light-hearted approach to a serious topic as atonement? Do we have anything to atone for this year?

Why Jesus is Important to Us

This Christmas Eve we will again remember the story of Jesus and share stories of what our religious ancestor means to us 2000 years later. LISTEN:

Finding a Season of Joy

Holiday shopping, maxed out credit cards, pandemic year…are these joyful? Probably not. How, then, do we authentically find joy to wrap up 2021? LISTEN:

Ready! Set! Stop?

We all know about the shopping frenzy for the holidays. Last year, much of the shopping was online due to covid. This year, supplies are low for holiday presents. Is this a good time to avoid the holiday rat race of shopping until we drop? Are there other options besides not shopping at all? LISTEN:

Giving Thanks in Turbulent Times

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks. We might wonder what ‘giving thanks’ might mean as another pandemic year comes to a close. Is there a thanksgiving prayer that fits our UUCM community? LISTEN:

The Danger of History

It’s said that “history is written by the winners’. The current national conversation about race and legacy reminds us that history can be dangerous as well as a teaching. How does that reality apply to UUCM? LISTEN:

The Spirit of Ancestors

We likely know about ancestor worship. Do we honor our ancestors or do we choose to ignore them because of their ‘failings’? LISTEN:

The Spirituality of Sabbath-time

Do we have busy lives? Do we know when and how to stop our busyness? How can the ancient practice of sabbath be used in a secular setting to find rest? LISTEN:

The Spirituality of Joy

We tend to be very serious about our goals, lives, and work. How do we find joy and humor at such times as this? And how would joy be ‘spiritual’? LISTEN: