Rev. Alex Holt

Fathers Come Forth

This Sunday is Father’s Day and less celebrated than Mother’s Day in May. We will hear fathers from different generations speak to the joys and challenges of fatherhood in a turbulent age. LISTEN:  

The Source That is Reason

Religious humanism has been a vital part of the UU world for nearly a century. How does this Fifth Source help us understand the world with reason and rationality? LISTEN:

The Source that is Earth, Sky, and All

The Sixth Source speaks to the interdependence of all things. How do we continue to show UUCM as an expression of the Sixth Source? LISTEN:

The Other Mother’s Days

Many of us have complex relationships with our mothers; some of us never had children. It can be an awkward holiday. Are there other types of Mother’s Day observances we can honor along with motherhood? Hint: it involves plants. LISTEN:

The Source that is Loving Others

We honor the story of Jesus at Easter but tiptoe around the resurrection story. How can we treat an alternative narrative for this special Sunday? LISTEN:

The Source that is Wisdom

The Third Source reminds us that history and culture carry great wisdom. How are we to treat wisdom that might not be appropriate in our ‘enlightened’ culture? LISTEN:

Redemption for the Canceled?

We hear a great deal about those who are condemned for their past statements or deeds that are now considered incorrect. Must we condemn those who lived in eras unlike our own? LISTEN:

The Source that is Prophecy

The second Source asks us to consider prophetic people throughout history and their messages. Do we still have prophets we honor today? LISTEN:

The Source of Transcending Mystery

The First Source speaks of mystery and awe along with transcendence. How do we understand these words today in UU’ism? LISTEN:    

The Loved Remembered

We don’t often celebrate the love for and from our animal companions for Valentine’s Day. This morning, I’d invite us to remember with love our animal companions who have died since the start of the pandemic. Please bring or send a photo of your departed pet along with a short paragraph about them. I will … Continued