Rev. Alex Holt

Leaping Off the Cliff and Knowing How to Fly

This Sunday is Rev. Alex’s last Sunday service at UUCM. Please join him in appreciation for all that’s happened to bring us wisdom and insight since August of 2019. LISTEN:

Memorial Day for Us All

Memorial Day is often a time for BBQ and fun rather than being attentive to death. What would you suggest as a saying or epitaph on your grave? Would it be funny or serious? Can you encapsulate your life in one sentence for people to remember? We will also have a ritual of thanks to … Continued

“The Ah-ha Experiences that Change Us”

Epiphanies are often confused with religious experiences that can be transformational. What if epiphanies (or ah-ha experiences) are common and can happen every day? How do we become aware of them and respond? LISTEN:

“Woke and Awakening”

The term “woke’ comes from American Black English and is akin to ‘awareness’. It has been seen as a bad word by many. What if Woke is another way to express Awakening to our true selves? LISTEN:

Jesus as a Radical Ancestor of Unitarian Universalism

The late theologian Marcus Borg reminds us that Jesus wasn’t a wimp but he didn’t favor violence, either. What are we to learn this Easter from Jesus’ teachings on non-violent resistance? LISTEN:

The Vulnerability of Being Both/And

19th century author Alexis de Tocqueville speaks of American religion as being attracted to one extreme or another but leaving the middle way out. Is awareness of multiple choices in life better than a binary either/or approach to life? LISTEN:

Making Friends with Anxiety

How do we face anxiety in this uncertain time by embracing it rather than turning away? LISTEN:

Valentine’s Day and the “L” Word

We know the usual theme for Valentine’s Day as Love. What’s another theme that is important to liberal religious communities? LISTEN: