Wax, Wick, and Kerosene

On the cusp of the Solstice and in the midst of Hanukkah, we’ll explore the power of light to inspire, uplift, and enlighten us, and hear tales of how the warm glow of community and the kindness of strangers can support us in the “bleak mid-winter.”

EVENING SERVICE AND CONCERT 5:00 PM The Perfect Imperfection of Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree

Candlelight service with Carols and Lessons Choral Concert 5:00-5:30 p.m., under the direction of Aimee Reash Homily: “The Perfect Imperfection of Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree” For more than 50 years, a “Charlie Brown Christmas” has graced our TV screens. In it, Charlie falls in love with the most despised   little tree on the lot.  “This … Continued

MORNING SERVICE 10:30 AM The Baby With The Bathwater: Celebrating the Humanitarian Jesus

On the eve of Christmas, we might grapple with whether we’re entitled to celebrate, admire, and even love the babe in the manger if we’ve chosen along the way to pour off the filmy bathwater of Christian doctrine in which that babe has soaked for two millennia. This morning we ask: Should we, and how … Continued

The Four Directions

Gather for a quiet lay-led service in the Parish House, exploring the four directions of the Medicine Wheel in words, music, and sharing. What might the Spirits of the East (illumination), the South (renewal), the West (introspection) and the North (wisdom) offer you in the New Year?