The Gemstone Religion: The Six Sources and Us.

The Six Sources are the wellsprings of how we understand and interpret the Seven Principles in each generation. What might the Six Sources mean to us here in Meadville? 

We All Long To Be Valued, Be Heard and Belong

The Meadville Neighborhood Centre came about due to several converging factors.  Youths have wanted a safe place to converse, to be, to “hangout,” making connections.  MNC’s board (and many others) feel the PAYS reports indicate a very alarming message when high percentage of youth respondents feel their lives are not worth    living, not to mention … Continued

Mystery beyond Mystery: Buddhist Teachings on Death

Halloween, All Hallows Eve, and other days of remembering those who have died happen between late October and early November. In America, we don’t like to talk about death and we use softer words to name it…passed over, etc. How can we begin to make friends with death this time of year?  

Grace and Gratitude

Two parts of holiday meals traditionally are saying grace and a reminder of gratitude. How might we use those values during the hectic holiday season?