The Journey of a Thousand Miles….

The expression from the Chinese wisdom book The Tao te Ching is well known “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”. What if there’s a better translation/interpretation that speaks to another truth of journeying? This morning begins a month of Soul Matters theme on Journey 

Life: A Journey Or A Destination

The musings of a middle-aged man on which is more important.  This short talk will explore lessons learned and insights gained from a life in service to others.    

Journey toward Wholeness: Freedom from Addiction (Journey From Addiction)

Addictions affect all of us directly and indirectly. How can UU’ism as a religious community support freedom from addiction? Are there other models besides the 12 Step programs that help people find wholeness again?

That other U in UU: Universalism for a New Generation

Contemporary Unitarian Universalism doesn’t talk much about Universalism. Why? Are we uncertain about its story of universal salvation? Is it because Universalists were liberal evangelical Christians? This morning, we will consider if there’s a future neo-Universalism in America and UU’ism

UU the Vote:  Working for Justice

The UUA has created a program to help congregations “get out the vote” during the 2020 election cycle.  This program, titled “UU the Vote”, is designed to help every UU be “prophetic, not partisan” and gives concrete steps we can utilize in keeping with our non-profit, faith related values.  This service will give an overview … Continued