Sacred Spaces:  An Architecture For Liberal Religion

What makes a space sacred? We’ll explore the evolution of church architecture from the ornate to the rational, with emphases on the period from the design of Meadville UUC to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple in Oak Park, IL.  

Faith In a Dangerous Time

  What does Faith mean to us as Unitarian Universalists? Is it a promise or an aspiration?  

Hope in a Dangerous Time

The UU minister Robert Fulgrum wrote that ‘hope always triumphs over experience’. What do we hope for as this intense year comes to a close? How does hope tie into the story of Christmas and New Years?  

Service in a Dangerous Time

The Advent candle of  Service traditionally is called “Charity”. What is the different between those two terms and why is it important to us today?  

Love in a Dangerous Time

“Love” is the most powerful of the Advent themes and so comes last. Is the word “Love” overused in religious community does it have meaning beyond any religious limitations?  

Christmas Eve Service

Choral Concert 5:00-5:30 p.m.,  under the direction of Aimee Reash Homily:  “Jesus  Reconsidered” Christmas Eve at Meadville UU is a celebratory occasion with lots of music and joy. Tonight, we will consider the old and new stories of Jesus and how we might use his teachings in the year ahead.