On Authority

We reflect on the nature of authority, a term that shares its linguistic roots with author, and consider who we allow to be the author of our lives.

Patching Chindis: On Brokenness

  Among the multitude of  Hindu deities, there is a   goddess named “Akhilandeshvari” – the “Never Not Broken Goddess.”  She is anything but frail, though – she carries a trident and rides in on a crocodile!  As humans, we are also “never-not-broken,” yet how do you relate to our brokenness? Do we despise it? Embrace … Continued

Who Did You Listen to Today?

Too many of us define “listening” as the period during which we work out what we’re going to say next. If, like me, you’re someone who needs a small reminder that listening both attracts and heals, this sermon should speak to you.  

The Gardener, the Garden, and Creation

Flower Communion Sunday – bring a flower for our sharing ceremony With poetic interludes offered by P. Todd Fox. In her famed collection, “The Wild Iris,” former US poet laureate Louise Glück casts her poems about flowers as representations of the human lifespan from several narrative viewpoints: a Godlike creator speaking to his creation of … Continued