The Courage of our Foremothers:  Judith Sargent Murray and Julia Ward Howe

In honor of Women’s History Month, we will celebrate the lives of two of the women in the history of our Unitarian Universalist movement who, through their courage and determination, advanced the cause of educational and social equality for all women in America.

Broken Hallelujah: The Theology of Leonard Cohen

He has been called a philosopher, a dark poet and a troubadour of truth for generations. Leonard Cohen, who died in 2016 at age 82, expressed a progressive theology in his sharply perceptive and heartfelt songs and poems about religion, politics, isolation, relationships, and community. In this service of songs, spoken word pieces, silence, and … Continued

Creating Space

This morning, we will reflect on creating space to allow opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.    

Barefoot Believers

Did you know that    Orthodox Jews like  Moses are instructed to never go without shoes because it might lead them astray? Whereas, Jesus walked his lonesome valley mostly barefoot and no one seemed all that bothered. As religious freethinkers, we UUs are not keen on the idea of limiting our options. Essentially, we like the … Continued

Trusting Strangers, Trusting Ourselves

Who we trust has changed over the years.  When we lived in small communities, we trusted our immediate neighbors.  We shopped on credit and bartered for goods and services. Now we put our trust in complete strangers we meet online.  How can we take this blind trust and apply it to our relationships?  How can … Continued