Joyce Milberg

Hanukkah and Solstice

This service will focus on celebrations of light during December dark.     LISTEN:  

This Little Lite

A very personal view of the Hanukkah holiday on the 4th day of candle lighting.   Click Here To View Service

The Sound of Silence

I have always held the sanctuary as a place of calm and restoration. In this unstructured service we will have periods of reflective silence broken by the beautiful poetry of Mary Oliver and discourse as you like. It is the last day of Hannukah and if there are children we will tell the story and … Continued

Finding your Place

“Place” can be interpreted broadly to mean other than location- a position on an issue, where you fit in the scheme of things, your involvement.

My Life as a Gardener

Can we find spirituality in digging in the dirt, and what else does gardening offer the soul?