Aimee Reash


Building community through relationships in groups large and small, one-on-one, and in our relationships with ourselves. LISTEN:  

Live Music

Summer services are held in the Parish House. This year’s theme is music.

Why Music?

“A Summer of Music” Appreciation of music in many forms and expression. This summer we will explore some of the aspects of music’s universal spirituality. People often say the “music is the thing that gets me through.”  Hopefully, we will experience and learn more about music’s inclusive and mood affirming nature, how musical expression supports … Continued

Beyond Cards, Chocolates and Flowers

This morning, we will consider “alternative” ways, beyond cards,   chocolates, and flowers, to honour women.  While we’re at it, let’s unpack the history of Mother’s Day, deconstruct the systems of    gendered parenting, and take a look at violence against women.  Fair warning- this ain’t gonna be your typical Mother’s Day service. Click Here To View … Continued