We All Long To Be Valued, Be Heard and Belong

The Meadville Neighborhood Centre came about due to several converging factors.  Youths have wanted a safe place to converse, to be, to “hangout,” making connections.  MNC’s board (and many others) feel the PAYS reports indicate a very alarming message when high percentage of youth respondents feel their lives are not worth    living, not to mention too many have entertained suicidal tendencies.  (will explain “PAYS in talk).

The result is a collective effort that envisions to engage the Meadville community in the success of our students and neighbors. Connections and collaborations between people and constituencies remain our primary goal.  In its four years existence, this non-profit has garnered a great deal of support and growth.  When we give each other the moment to listen, we uphold that person’s dignity.  This mantra is at the root of this effort. Will talk more about the future as directed by the current path.





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