The Simplicity of Good Food and Great Gratitude

Thanksgiving meals used to be predictable. Then, covid came in early 2020. We had to adopt all different ways to have Thanksgiving in more isolation. What did we learn? How has Thanksgiving changed for us since covid? Please bring your stories to this post-Thanksgiving Sunday service.   LISTEN:  

Veterans Day: How the Military Changed Us

Bridgett Reeb, Rich Chafey, and Bob Ackerman are all veterans and will explore how being in the military changed their lives. Please join us to remember veterans and appreciate the presentations of Bridgett, Rich, and Bob. LISTEN:

The UU 5th Principle: The Right of Conscience and the Democratic Process

Since election day is drawing near, we continue our reflections on the UU seven principles with the 5th principle: UUs affirm and promote the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large. People interested in past services on the UU principles can find reflections on … Continued

Allhallowseve: The Courage of it All

Allhallowseve is a Christian based remembrance of those who have died. How would it look from a UU perspective? Is it more than costumes and candy? Is there courage in facing the darker days whether of death or winter? LISTEN:

Courage and Ministry

This will be a Q&A service where people can ask Rev. Alex questions about ministry and congregations. Questions should be filled out in advance and sent to Jodi. LISTEN:

The Courage of Hope

Hope, both fragile and strong, takes courage.   LISTEN:  

Looking Ahead

This service will kick off our annual canvass.  But to look ahead to the next year (and decade, and century), we will start by looking back, back to our church’s almost 200 years of existence, back to the start of the Unitarian and Universalist movements here in the U.S. and in Europe, and back even further, … Continued

Living the Seventh Principle: Shinrin Yoku and Forest Therapy

The Japanese practice of forest meditation gives us the chance to reconnect with the natural world with patience and wonder. Debra Anyu Savelle is a certified forest guide for forest therapy and will lead several groups the week of October 2-7. LISTEN:

Our Sacred Voice

Having calm, reasoned dialogue with our northwestern Pennsylvania neighbors can be tricky and stressful.  How can we use our own sacred, intentional voice to bring people to the polls in November?   LISTEN: