Rev. Robin Landerman Zucker

Thanksgiving Sunday: Like Pearls on a Silken Cord

LISTEN: In the age of social media and gated communities, what does it mean these days to be neighborly? What recent, inspiring examples remind us that we are all interconnected whether we realize it or not? Gratitude lunch to follow.  

An Atheist for President?

LISTEN: In this sermon, just after Election Day, Rev. Robin will reflect on the progress of atheist, humanist and secular politics in a society where the “Godless” are often still demonized as candidates without a prayer.  

Go Set A Watchman. Let Him Declare What He Sees

The publication of Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird prequel, Go Set A Watchman,  unleashed a torrent of opinion pieces, critiques, applause, and befuddlement about the recasting of Atticus Finch from paragon of white virtue to an emblem of deep south racism. Mary Louise  goes home as an adult and sees a different shade of Atticus than she had seen through the adoring eyes of Scout. In this sermon, we’ll explore the disturbing, empowering, and liberating  ways  our lives, our world, and the people in it, become more real when we are willing to “declare what we see” through unblinking adult eyes (even with the thickening vapor of half-truths and fake news).  How do we reconcile the beautiful with the ugly, the vile with the just, the illusion of a leader with the reality, the fondness we have for friends and family when it is sullied by expressions of prejudice?  And what will we do with the truths we see? “When I was a child, I reasoned like a child…but when I grew up, I put away childish things.”

20/20 Visions: Seeing is Believing

LISTEN:  Stewardship undergirds everything that our community does and calls us into deeper connection with each other.   As we launch our annual stewardship campaign in order to fund our current and future needs and goals, we’ll explore together the “vision” behind the dollars and how  “seeing” ( focusing on what matters) is truly a form … Continued

Days of Awe Sunday: A Semi-Colon is No Place to Stay

The Days of Awe between the High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur offer us all (Jewish or not) a yearly opportunity to reflect, consider our righteousness and our missteps, seek and offer forgiveness, and venture forth again in a positive, healing direction. Metaphorically, these days could be seen as a semi-colon; the juncture … Continued

Autumn People 

In the words of a colleague, “Autumn people slow down, enjoy a certain pace.” Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? Most of us run around being bouncy Spring people year-round and 24/7, not looking very closely at much except our watches and our smartphones. Can you “remember the kind of September that’s slow and oh-so-mellow,” and if … Continued

Truly, Madly, Deeply: Why Do We Work?

Whether it’s for a paycheck, to pursue a passion, or to fulfill one’s highest purpose, work consumes enormous swathes of our time, energy, and focus. It can make us feel alive, put food in our bellies, and it can wear us down to a nub.  In this sermon honoring our labors, from gritty, sweat-inducing toil to … Continued

Reader’s Theater, “A Day in the Life”

Brushing your teeth, sweeping the kitchen floor, a bedtime story – done mindfully, each of our “run-of’the-mill” activities can be small spiritual practices. In this highly-participatory service, we’ll share short readings by well-known authors (which will be distributed to those present) in an order of service created by Rev. Robin.

Flower Communion Sunday: Stubborn Flowers with the Wisdom to Survive

We have been conditioned, dare I say, brainwashed, to appreciate and cultivate only the well-bred members of the botanical family — the graceful lilies, the amusing black-eyed Susans, the elegant peonies, the fine roses that grow dutifully on a trellis. Weeds such as the kudzu, the clover, the ubiquitous dandelion…as Hugh Johnson sneers in his … Continued

We Will Make Them Feel Us

In more than 500 UU congregations this morning (and on April 30), clergy and congregants are exploring the topic of racial identity in our denomination as part of a “teach-in.” We’ll explore what it means to be an “ally” in the racial justice movement (and why some activists prefer the term “accomplice”);  the concept of … Continued