Rev. Robin Landerman Zucker

The Church of Not Being Horrible

LISTEN: In the words of Pastor John Pavlovitz: “The Church of Not Being Horrible will gather every week to celebrate the inherent goodness of people. We’ll share stories of the ways we succeeded in being less than horrible to our families, coworkers, and strangers, and we’ll challenge ourselves to be even less horrible in the coming week. We’ll … Continued

A Curious Bunch!

LISTEN: READ HERE One of the most popular UU bumper stickers states “The answer is to question.” We are an inherently curious bunch. For decades, inquisitive researchers have been trying to figure out the science of our human “urge to know,” and to decipher the way in which questioning happens.  They’ve discovered that what is … Continued

Come Blow Your Horn

LISTEN: Have you ever noticed that “justice” is the only word prominently featured twice in our seven UU principles?  “Peace, liberty, and justice for all” in the 6th, and “Justice, equity and compassion in   human relations” in the 2nd. Together, they offer guideposts to justice making and community   building through compassion. What does it mean … Continued

Spirit of Life, Come Unto Us

READ HERE It is safe to say that Hymn #123, Spirit of Life, is as close to a UU theme song as we have in our tradition.  The hymn resonates. UUs seem to “get” this song and the “inner conversation” it invites with whatever we identify as the Spirit that moves us, sings within us, … Continued

Heavenly Peace

LISTEN: READ HERE Christmas Eve Concert and Candlelight Service Choir concert at 5:00 p.m.  Service at 5:30 p.m. “Heavenly Peace” One of the most cherished Christmas hymns, “Silent Night,” turns 200 this year. For some, the line, “Sleep in heavenly peace,” is the most moving and relevant to their personal lives and to the state … Continued

God Got A Dog

LISTEN: A Virtual Blessing of the Animals! Homily: “God Got A Dog” Rev. Robin Landerman Zucker On this holiday Sunday, we will create an altar of artifacts of your pets, past and present and participate in a blessing ritual. Please bring collars, leashes, photos, toys, and other pet ephemera to the service. DO NOT BRING … Continued

The 23rd PsaIm: I Shall Not Want

READ HERE In this sermon, during the Jewish festival of Chanukah, we’ll explore the universal appeal of the 23rd Psalm and the ways in which it serves as a portable shrine and touchstone of comfort for people of all beliefs, including UUs.

Two Copper Coins: On Making an Effort

LISTEN: READ HERE Gratitude Sunday In the Parable of the Widow’s Mite, an impoverished woman tosses two copper coins into the Treasury. Is this meager or   substantial? Can we applaud her contribution or do we view it as   insufficient? Is it enough to  create a feeling of abundance and gratitude? This morning, we will explore … Continued

Passage From India

LISTEN: The famed poet, Rabindranath Tagore reminds us that “You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.” In the sermon of       reflections of her time in community in Jabalpur India, Rev. Robin will  share her journey of heart, spirit, and service. Oil lamps, surprises, joys,    sorrows, and blessings await.  

You Will Be Found

READ HERE Stewardship Celebration Sunday What does it mean to “belong” to a tribe, a  community, a family, a church? One of the most rewarding aspects of belonging is the sense of having found a home and in turn,  of being found, supported, and accepted as we are. In this sermon to celebrate our stewardship … Continued