Rev. Robin Landerman Zucker

Inequality for All

LISTEN: READ HERE Why should we care about other people’s lack if we have plenty? In a society where the 1% and the 99% have become increasingly polarized and a callousness has set in to our culture, we are urgently called (now more than ever) to co-create “fusion coalitions” to combat inequality of all types. … Continued

I’m Nobody, Who Are You?

LISTEN: READ HERE Famed Unitarian minister Ralph Waldo Emerson once remarked “A great man is always willing to be little.” On this Easter Sunday morning, we will explore the topic of “humility.” What does it mean, or might it mean to be a “somebody” and a “nobody” in the age of YouTube channels, fake news, … Continued

Waiting for the Ice Cream Truck

LISTEN: READ HERE Do things really happen “for a reason?” In a message tailor-made for the fabled Ides of March (best watch your step on the 15th!), we’ll explore the challenge of living deliberately in an often-random world. When our lives tilt in directions we had not expected and fault lines open under our feet, … Continued

Nevertheless, She Persisted

LISTEN: READ HERE In the Purim story from Jewish tradition, Queen Esther risks her life to save her people. She does this by harnessing her courage and breaking her silence to speak a dangerous truth about her own identity. In this sermon at the outset of Women’s History Month, we’ll  connect Esther’s story to contemporary … Continued

The ½ That Makes Us Whole: A Sermon for the Start of Lent

READ HERE How are we made whole? The “1/2” in this sermon stands as a symbol of our incomplete natures, and the need for our human bodies to be made whole in relation to something beyond the physical. This may be something deep and meaningful, or something rational or something mystical involving a ritual or … Continued

Onward, Forward, Singing Hymns

LISTEN: READ HERE Unitarians began including hymns regularly in worship around the time The UU Church of Meadville was founded (mostly psalms set to music back then). In the nearly 200 years that have followed, our hymnody has reflected an evolving and broadening theology, our merger with the Universalists, a deeper dive into social justice, … Continued

Keeping to the Path, or How to Steer Clear of Spiritual Bypassing A Sermon with Zen Tales

READ HERE In the early 1980s, psychologist John Welwood coined the term “spiritual bypassing” to refer to the use of practices and beliefs to avoid confronting uncomfortable feelings, unresolved wounds, and fundamental emotional and psychological needs. In the years that have followed, many well-meaning seekers have fallen under the thrall of bogus “gurus” who have … Continued

Clearing A Path

READ HERE In a world overrun with words, thoughts, noise and conflict, how might we clear a path to a more heart-centered life. We’ll explore new paradigms for setting deeply-felt intentions in the New Year that could yield better results than the typical “resolutions” route.