Rev. Alex Holt

The Journey of a Thousand Miles….

LISTEN: The expression from the Chinese wisdom book The Tao te Ching is well known “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”. What if there’s a better translation/interpretation that speaks to another truth of journeying? This morning begins a month of Soul Matters theme on Journey 

Living with Heart

LISTEN: Love songs can fill us with hope or with sadness. This morning, we will hear from 3 people from different generations about their favorite love song and why it was important to them.   

What If We Were #1

LISTEN: This morning, we explore an alternative history where Unitarianism became the most powerful and important religion in the Western world. Would we really think that outcome would have been a good one?  

The Conundrum of “Woke” and “Awakened”

LISTEN: A very common expression now is whether one is “woke”. This is a word from Black communities about awareness of oppression and racism. How does it compare with the broader term “Awakened?” Does “woke” divide or include those of other groups?      

Vows, Not Resolutions

LISTEN: Why would a vow be more authentic than a New Years Resolution? Can a life vow become a spiritual practice for us all to use in the year ahead?  

Christmas Eve Service

LISTEN: Choral Concert 5:00-5:30 p.m.,  under the direction of Aimee Reash Homily:  “Jesus  Reconsidered” Christmas Eve at Meadville UU is a celebratory occasion with lots of music and joy. Tonight, we will consider the old and new stories of Jesus and how we might use his teachings in the year ahead.  

Love in a Dangerous Time

LISTEN: “Love” is the most powerful of the Advent themes and so comes last. Is the word “Love” overused in religious community does it have meaning beyond any religious limitations?  

Service in a Dangerous Time

LISTEN: The Advent candle of  Service traditionally is called “Charity”. What is the different between those two terms and why is it important to us today?  

Hope in a Dangerous Time

LISTEN: The UU minister Robert Fulgrum wrote that ‘hope always triumphs over experience’. What do we hope for as this intense year comes to a close? How does hope tie into the story of Christmas and New Years?  

Faith In a Dangerous Time

LISTEN: What does Faith mean to us as Unitarian Universalists? Is it a promise or an aspiration?