Rev. Alex Holt

Yes, Visions Happen

Is a vision a carefully constructed plan or is it a sudden visionary experience? Can it be both? No matter what the answer is, a vision can change our lives. LISTEN:

The Journey of a Thousand Miles: Part 2

UUCM had its last service in the sanctuary on March 1, 2020. Then, our lives changed. What have we learned in the last 18 months that will be a gift to our lives and UUCM? LISTEN:

What We Need is Here

Contemporary poet Wendell Berry writes that much of what we need in life is all around us. The same is true for UUCM. This morning we will begin to explore a new vision for the church based in part on the letter and report that came out this week from the board. Click Here To … Continued

Lucky Penny Day and Good Luck

Yes, May 23 is Lucky Penny Day. Why? What is the power of symbolism and luck in our lives? Click Here To View Service

The Power of Stories

Stories are powerful history of the past, present and future. What do you think the future history of UUCM might look like in 10 years? Click Here To View Service

Finding the Other Shore

A very common metaphor in Buddhist and in Hindi teachings is journeying to ‘the other shore’ of Awakening awareness? How can this apply to American disagreements about immigration and ‘foreigners’ illegally coming to this country? Click Here To View Service

Earth Day: Consciousness and Faith

What if our collective increasing awareness of the climate crisis will take us to a new stage of consciousness? How do we create such a state? Click Here To View Service

Be Not Afraid: Thoughts on Resurrection Today

We all know the resurrection story from the Christian Testament. It continues to be a powerful message of faith in Christianity. Is there any way to consider a return from death without particular religious interpretations today? Click Here To View Service

Reconstituting the World

The late poet Adrienne Rich reminds us that “My heart is moved by all I cannot save…” and ends the poem “with no extraordinary power, reconstitute the world”. Trouble and challenges are all around us. How can we commit ourselves to create a Beloved Community despite having no extraordinary powers? Click Here To View Service