Rev. Alex Holt

Mystery beyond Mystery: Buddhist Teachings on Death

LISTEN: Halloween, All Hallows Eve, and other days of remembering those who have died happen between late October and early November. In America, we don’t like to talk about death and we use softer words to name it…passed over, etc. How can we begin to make friends with death this time of year?  

The Gemstone Religion: The Six Sources and Us.

LISTEN: The Six Sources are the wellsprings of how we understand and interpret the Seven Principles in each generation. What might the Six Sources mean to us here in Meadville? 

It’s The Time We’ve Been Waiting For

LISTEN: This is pledge Sunday. What do we make of this very turbulent era in our lives? Do we need to sometimes be bystanders? Are there times to act. How can we face the unknowns ahead with courage and hope?  

What is Our Medicine

LISTEN: The contemporary band “Nahko and Medicine for the People” has a song called “Manifesto” that powerfully asks each of us to find and use our medicine of empowerment and determination in this dynamic era. We will hear the song, and then consider his calling out to us to find our medicine and use it … Continued

Stump the Minister

LISTEN: This morning, Rev. Alex will hear any  questions you’d like to pose to him in the    service. You can send them to Jodi. The pulpit assistant will read the questions and Alex will try to answer them. He will not see or hear any of the questions in advance.  

The Four Pillars of Unitarian Universalism in Meadville

LISTEN: This morning we welcome a new church year with annual ingathering. A question to consider: the front of the sanctuary building has 4 very beautiful columns or pillars. They are symbolic. What values of UU’ism do they represent as we begin this new year?