Rev. Alex Holt

Earth Day: Consciousness and Faith

What if our collective increasing awareness of the climate crisis will take us to a new stage of consciousness? How do we create such a state? Click Here To View Service

Be Not Afraid: Thoughts on Resurrection Today

We all know the resurrection story from the Christian Testament. It continues to be a powerful message of faith in Christianity. Is there any way to consider a return from death without particular religious interpretations today? Click Here To View Service

Reconstituting the World

The late poet Adrienne Rich reminds us that “My heart is moved by all I cannot save…” and ends the poem “with no extraordinary power, reconstitute the world”. Trouble and challenges are all around us. How can we commit ourselves to create a Beloved Community despite having no extraordinary powers? Click Here To View Service

Beloved Community or Beloved Individualism?

It will be based on the UU understanding of Beloved Community and its dynamic tension with the more traditional “question authority” and individualism in the UUA. I’ll speak about a famous article by colleague Rev. Frederick Muir published in 2013. That article initiated the current radical shifts going on in the UUA with not only … Continued

What is Beloved Community?

We hear the term ‘Beloved Community’ a lot in religious circles. What does it really mean in 2021? Click Here To View Service

Can You Hear Me?

The Civil Rights movement has evolved into its new generation led by Ibram X Kandi and so many others. Can we truly hear them and learn? Click Here To View Service

Imagine a Great Turning

This morning, we will consider whether we collectively are entering a new era in human understanding. It is based in part on Karen Armstrong’s theory of Axial Ages. Click Here To View Service

Atonement and Letting Go

Unitarian Universalism hasn’t historically had much to do with atonement. Can the ritual of atonement work for us as we plan for the new year to arrive. Do we have words, thoughts and deeds we need to let go of? Click Here To View Service