Rev. Alex Holt

Can You Hear Me?

The Civil Rights movement has evolved into its new generation led by Ibram X Kandi and so many others. Can we truly hear them and learn? Click Here To View Service

Imagine a Great Turning

This morning, we will consider whether we collectively are entering a new era in human understanding. It is based in part on Karen Armstrong’s theory of Axial Ages. Click Here To View Service

Atonement and Letting Go

Unitarian Universalism hasn’t historically had much to do with atonement. Can the ritual of atonement work for us as we plan for the new year to arrive. Do we have words, thoughts and deeds we need to let go of? Click Here To View Service  

Christmas Eve: A Time for Renewal

How do we celebrate the Christmas story on Zoom? Can we find renewal even when we cannot be together in person? Join us for a unique Christmas Eve service with special surprises in advance. Click Here To View Service  

Creating Sabbath Time: Rest from a Weary World

How do we find respite from the cares of the world? Wayne Muller in his book “Sabbath” reminds us that taking sabbath time of rest need not be religious but spiritual. As this tumultuous year comes to an end, how do we mindfully rest and find ease? Click Here To View Service

Love Will Guide Us…

How will the national election turn out on the 3rd? Will we feel a heavy weight lifted from our hearts? Will we need to make plans for protest? Nevertheless, how will we get through this election and move forward with love? Click Here To View Service

Animal Companion Blessings

This morning, we will have our first animal blessing service in some years. Send Jodi pictures of your pets who you want blessed or be sure to have your pet(s) with you during the service. We’ll also ask for pictures of any pets who have died this year. More info in B&B.   Click Here … Continued

We Need Not Think Alike to Love Alike: The Old Bridge We Walk..

“We all know how 2020 feels as an uncontrollable year. Then, there’s 2021 to consider. UUCM is ready to begin a new year in a strange time. It’s stewardship Sunday and it doesn’t have to be terrifying or guilt-ridden. How do we walk along the bridge into the future of UUCM?   Click Here To … Continued

Can You Hear Me: Race in America

A racial reckoning has come to this country yet again…and too few steps have been made to face what is called ‘white supremacy’. What are our options here in Meadville as we face “America’s Original Sin’? Click Here To View Service