Josh Searle-White


Summer service in Parish House.

Emotionality and Spirituality

Someone recently said to me, “Don’t make the mistake of confusing emotionality with spirituality.”  That got me thinking.  Do emotional experiences support spiritual depth?  Do they distract from it?  What is the role of feelings on the spiritual path?  We’ll explore these questions through stories and music, with the choir and special musical guests.    

The Puritans and Us

This service is about sex, politics, and religion. Enough said.

Learning from the Lambs

I was walking the other day and had a chance to talk with some lambs.  They didn’t say much, but while I was waiting for them to answer I got to thinking about what we can learn from their purity, innocence, and skittishness.  

What’s Next?

A service on the wisdom of not making decisions.



Inviting Death to Tea and Lunch, and again for a Nightcap

Losses of beloved members on our community recently have led me to think about what we can honor, celebrate, and grieve as a life transitions into death.  Maybe upending some of our usual assumptions might help us honor our own lives as death stares us (hopefully from a distance!) in the face.  Special music will accompany the … Continued

The New Age

New Age Spirituality has come into the mainstream like never before, hand-in-hand with the self-help books that line our shelves.  Many have criticized this approach to spiritual development, though, calling it shallow, self-centered, irrelevant, or even harmful since it takes energy away from the real problems that need to be addressed in the world.  How can we … Continued

Staying in the Game: Or, Why Did I Ever Leave Ohio?

Dealing with the real world can be trying.  It’s tempting sometimes to want to check out!  But as they say, you can’t win if you don’t play.  Join us for a meditation on the risks and benefits of staying in the game. We’ll be joined by special musical guests Shaun Collins (UUs of San Mateo, … Continued

Story and Spirit

LISTEN: When you venture into the water at a lake or by the ocean’s edge, how wet do you get? Are you typically a toe- dabbler or a super hero?  As we begin our journey together in Interim Ministry, we’ll explore how we might resist wading “knee deep” and commit to fuller immersion in our … Continued