Josh Searle-White

Becoming Inspired

Much of our attention is taken up by being productive, earning our keep, and justifying our existence.  Letting ourselves be cared for, supported, and filled sometimes takes a back seat.  And yet, our energy isn’t endless – it needs to be renewed.  This service offers a practice of letting ourselves become inspired. Click Here To View Service   … Continued

“Listening to the Inner You (Whatever That Is)”

Many spiritual and psychological practices focus on tuning in more and more deeply to what is true, right, and authentic inside us. That’s easy to say but much harder to do. And is it even a good idea? Click Here To View Service


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Summer service in Parish House.

Emotionality and Spirituality

Someone recently said to me, “Don’t make the mistake of confusing emotionality with spirituality.”  That got me thinking.  Do emotional experiences support spiritual depth?  Do they distract from it?  What is the role of feelings on the spiritual path?  We’ll explore these questions through stories and music, with the choir and special musical guests.    

The Puritans and Us

This service is about sex, politics, and religion. Enough said.

Learning from the Lambs

I was walking the other day and had a chance to talk with some lambs.  They didn’t say much, but while I was waiting for them to answer I got to thinking about what we can learn from their purity, innocence, and skittishness.  

What’s Next?

A service on the wisdom of not making decisions.