James Reedy

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is a wonderful device designed to prepare for and cultivate meditation. Our time together will be spent exploring how we use chair yoga to release tension in the body/mind, enliven our directly felt experience and focus our attention. This service will be held in the Arthur Room of the Parish House.


Movement and Stillness has been used as the foundation for many spiritual practices in diverse cultures throughout the world.The simplicity of conscious movement is a great way to quiet the mind and rejuvenate “life in the body”. Our time together will be spent exploring movement which calms the mind, relaxes the body, and gives us … Continued


Our drumming based service will be a community event centered in active listening and sensitive expression of our rhythmic voice. We will explore what it means to use conscious drumming to relax, connect with each other and celebrate our moment in community together. Please bring any rhythm instruments you enjoy and we will have percussion … Continued


Our service will focus on coming together with rhythm, sound, deep listening and joy. Percussion instruments will be supplied. Your active presence is all that is required to bring. If you have drums, etc. please feel free to bring them.