Gaia 4

Small Group Ministry: Gaia Spirit 

The Gaia Spirit Small Group Ministry meets monthly for meditations that tune us into nature and help us be nourished by it. We also care for the planet in turn. This is earth spirituality suitable to all faiths. “Gaia Spirit” describes our paradoxical process: On one hand, it’s an earthy, practical spirituality. We laugh and do experiential rituals instead of theoretical discussion. We focus on applying spirituality practically to our lives. On the other hand, we explore mystical connectivity with Divinity, center into our core truths, seek spiritual nurture, and strive to live ethically. The group started about 2005, and we are always open to new members and visitors. Meetings are a different time each month. Call 337-2490 for more info, upcoming dates, and location. 


Deb Lehman and Francesca De Grandis led a needle felting workshop, attended by Charyn Parsons, Leigh Lynes, Laurie Parendes, and guest Allegheny College student Briesha Bell. The photo shows the heart-shaped ornaments made at the event. In the upper left-hand corner is the workshop handout, showing the sample heart Francesca made.