Patching Chindis: On Brokenness


Among the multitude of  Hindu deities, there is a   goddess named “Akhilandeshvari” – the “Never Not Broken Goddess.”  She is anything but frail, though – she carries a trident and rides in on a crocodile!  As humans, we are also “never-not-broken,” yet how do you relate to our brokenness? Do we despise it? Embrace it? Feel empathy for it? Want to soothe it? Experience its intense pathos and pain and seek to transform it? We’ll ride along with Akhillaneshvari, as we explore these questions through an Eastern spiritual lens. In this participatory service, we’ll also be lead in Kirtan chanting (a beautiful devotional singing practice originating in India) by Jennifer Hellwarth, hear a story from Josh Searle-White, and engage with Rev. Robin in a ritual of healing.


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