Homecoming and Thanksgiving Sunday: Home Never Closes


In one of her essays, the writer Annie Lamott tells the story of a girl who becomes lost and tells the police officer who stops to help that “if you can get me to my church, I can always find my way home from there.” In this sermon, Rev. Robin will explore the many dimensions of “home” in our lives, our congregation, and our world.  We’re reminded at Thanksgiving, especially, by realities around us that home can surely be a loving place “where the heart is,” a comforting place where there’s love overflowing, even for families living in tents and motels. Yet, sadly, home can be a place where the heart aches, too. Perky holiday images pain us when the nuclear family has become lethally radioactive for us; when the gate is latched, the door is locked and the lights have dimmed in our homes of origin or the ones of our own making. Where is the home that never closes for you, whether it be inherited or created? And, how can UUCM be one of these trusted places?

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