The Chosen Ones: Of Prophets and Presidents

One of the most epic decisions in religious history is the moment when Yahweh chooses the Israelites as his people at Mt. Sinai, and delivers the 10 Commandments into the hands of Moses.  But this moment is quite a bit more complicated than the tale would tell, as is the topic of “chosen-ness.” Who chooses who?  How do we choose our leaders? Are they called like prophets or are they created and molded by practice, history and culture?  In light of the current political climate, in which demographic groups are morphing into mobs and moralists, each vying for control of the conversation and the future of our nation, we’ll look at how the claim to chosen-ness has impacted us (and impacts us today, two days before the election), in the arenas of belief, justice, politics, and society.

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