An Acute Case of the Present Tense- On Not Regretting Regret


We often hear sages and wisdom teachers exhort us to “be in the moment.” Are “moments” what life is all about? Or, do these words from Stephen Sondheim ring truer?: “Oh if life were made of moments, Even now and then a bad one;  But if life were only moments, Then you’d never know you had one.” As we begin the third and final year of our Interim Ministry together, we’ll      explore how we can experience the fullness of moments in linear and liminal time. Can we be in these moments when they are messy, confusing and call us to a reckoning with ourselves or to some higher form of compassion or action?

Water Communion: Please bring water that    represents a special or sacred place for our Water Communion ritual. Water will also be available at the service.


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