Unitarian Universalist  churches follow congregational polity, which means we are self governing and follow written bylaws. We ordain and call (or hire) our own ministers and staff, own our own buildings and pay our own expenses. Our leaders are elected by a majority vote at an annual meeting in December and serve no more than two consecutive terms.


President: Dave Anderson; david_mark_a@hotmail.com                              


Vice President: Bob Ackerman; bobackerman106@gmail.com


Treasurer: John Stewart; johnstewart@zoominternet.net


Stewardship: Peggy Bell; peggytbell@gmail.com







Coordinator of Outreach Teams: Carlin Almes; carlin-almes@comcast.net







Coordinator of Mission Teams: Dan Hunter; deliraddish@gmail.com




Secretary: Marty Thaeler, mthaeler@zoominternet.net


Religious Education: Jane Anderson; jane.anderson811@gmail.com







Worship: Karen Schreiber Mason; karen.schreiber1@gmail.com







Personnel:  Corinne Chafey; mcchafey@gmail.com







Social Justice Action Team: Deb Lehman,deblehman51@gmail.com