Monuments and Memorials in Our Own Front Yard

Diamond Park is a gem in downtown Meadville.  We will take a walking tour of the park highlighting it’s history, development, monuments and memorials on the eve of Memorial Day.

The Answer is Everything

LISTEN: Rev. Robin Landerman Zucker How do we move from scarcity thinking to abundance thinking when our lives feel stuck, we are ill or under duress, or the future looks bleak? In this sermon for Flower Communion Sunday, during the blossoming of Spring, Rev. Robin will explore with us the spiritual, physical and emotional benefits … Continued


LISTEN: What is nurturing? How are we nurtured? How do others nurture us? How do we nurture others? How do we nurture ourselves? An exploration.

Thank You For Being Such A Pain

LISTEN: READ HERE Whether we enjoy it or not, we learn valuable spiritual lessons from the difficult people in our lives – those whom we know and love, those we work with, attend church with, and those whom we encounter more randomly. This morning, we will explore the inherent presence of the “prickly” in our … Continued

Trusting Strangers, Trusting Ourselves

LISTEN: Who we trust has changed over the years.  When we lived in small communities, we trusted our immediate neighbors.  We shopped on credit and bartered for goods and services. Now we put our trust in complete strangers we meet online.  How can we take this blind trust and apply it to our relationships?  How … Continued

Barefoot Believers

LISTEN: READ HERE Did you know that    Orthodox Jews like  Moses are instructed to never go without shoes because it might lead them astray? Whereas, Jesus walked his lonesome valley mostly barefoot and no one seemed all that bothered. As religious freethinkers, we UUs are not keen on the idea of limiting our options. Essentially, … Continued

Creating Space

LISTEN: This morning, we will reflect on creating space to allow opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.    

Broken Hallelujah: The Theology of Leonard Cohen

LISTEN: READ HERE He has been called a philosopher, a dark poet and a troubadour of truth for generations. Leonard Cohen, who died in 2016 at age 82, expressed a progressive theology in his sharply perceptive and heartfelt songs and poems about religion, politics, isolation, relationships, and community. In this service of songs, spoken word … Continued

Flunking Sainthood

LISTEN: In her wry memoir, Jana Reiss shares a year-long quest to become more saintly by tackling 12 spiritual practices, including fasting, centering prayer, Sabbath-keeping, gratitude, and       generosity. Though she begins with the      question, “How hard could that be?” Reiss finds to her growing humiliation that she is “flunking sainthood.” In this sermon exploring the … Continued