Moving into Twilight

LISTEN: As we come together in community following summer and ease into the season of autumn, we become aware of the subtle shift in the earth’s natural light and its energy. Our minds, too, subtly shift gears:  the transition into the stillness of the winter months begins.  

An Acute Case of the Present Tense- On Not Regretting Regret

LISTEN: READ HERE We often hear sages and wisdom teachers exhort us to “be in the moment.” Are “moments” what life is all about? Or, do these words from Stephen Sondheim ring truer?: “Oh if life were made of moments, Even now and then a bad one;  But if life were only moments, Then you’d never … Continued

The Blessings of Our Hands

LISTEN: A Service in Celebration of Our Hands. PLEASE BRING AN OBJECT OR TOOL  that represents your labor, occupation, or vocation for a communal altar. The Shakers have a saying, “Hands to work, and Hearts to God.” They believe that your life’s   calling – your work – should be no less than an act of joy. … Continued

Simply Pray

In this service, we’ll explore a simple and unique modern spiritual practice with an inclusive understanding of the sacred and deep roots in all of the world religions. Using a small “mala” of prayer beads (which will be made by you) participants will follow a centering process to develop a contemplative language free of any … Continued

Annual Church Picnic

The UU Church picnic will be held at noon on Sunday, August 19, at the Bob Ackerman farm, 17883 Ackerman Drive, Meadville.  Bob has lots of fun things planned for us, including a hay ride and visits with some of the farm animals.  This year we plan to have hot dogs and burgers on the … Continued

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is a wonderful device designed to prepare for and cultivate meditation. Our time together will be spent exploring how we use chair yoga to release tension in the body/mind, enliven our directly felt experience and focus our attention. This service will be held in the Arthur Room of the Parish House.

Mandala Coloring

This service will be held in the Arthur Room of the Parish House.


Movement and Stillness has been used as the foundation for many spiritual practices in diverse cultures throughout the world.The simplicity of conscious movement is a great way to quiet the mind and rejuvenate “life in the body”. Our time together will be spent exploring movement which calms the mind, relaxes the body, and gives us … Continued


This morning’s service focuses on kirtan, an Indian-inspired practice in which singing is experienced not as performance but as a way to bring oneself closer to the universe/God/the Divine.  We’ll talk about how the element of devotion can bring singing alive, and we’ll try a couple of chants and see how they make us feel.  … Continued