Our drumming based service will be a community event centered in active listening and sensitive expression of our rhythmic voice. We will explore what it means to use conscious drumming to relax, connect with each other and celebrate our moment in community together. Please bring any rhythm instruments you enjoy and we will have percussion … Continued


This service will be held in the Arthur Room of the Parish House.

Art Is My Religion

This service will be held in the Arthur Room of the Parish House.

The Shared World, UU General Assembly 2017

We will watch the video of the 2017 GA opening worship ceremony followed by group discussion moderated by Susan Hegel. This powerful, communal worship experience will be led by Rev. Mara Dowdall. She is Senior Minister of the First UU Society of Burlington, Vermont. Previously, she served congregations in Montpelier, Vermont and the Boston area, … Continued

Spirit of the Sun Solstice Circle

Thursday, June 21, 12:30 p.m. Family friendly, 20-30 minutes Join us in the church’s back garden for an earth-based Solstice Circle to celebrate the longest day. Bring a drum or noisemaker if you have one. Be part of the festivities of “Making Music Day” on the diamond and stroll over during the lunch hour. We … Continued

Unsung Hero of An Uncommon Denomination: Abner Kneeland, Heretic

LISTEN: READ HERE Some know him as “The Last Man Jailed for Blasphemy.” Abner Kneeland was a Universalist  minister and social reformer who spoke out against strident religion, and who advocated equal rights for women and blacks, supported interracial marriage and birth control – in the 1820s, mind you! No wonder he was said to … Continued

Learning from the Lambs

LISTEN: I was walking the other day and had a chance to talk with some lambs.  They didn’t say much, but while I was waiting for them to answer I got to thinking about what we can learn from their purity, innocence, and skittishness.  


This service will be held in the Arthur Room of the Parish House.

Dreaming God or God Dreaming

LISTEN: READ HERE In our society, and especially in the political sphere, we hear subtle and not so subtle claims to being “Godly.” In this morning’s service, will  explore  a provocative theological question posed by a 14-year-old UU some years ago in his Coming of Age Credo statement:  “Are we dreaming God during our waking … Continued

It’s Not You, It’s Me

LISTEN: Join us as we discuss ethnocentrism in the modern world and reflect on what we can do to remain open and accepting. Enjoy the talent of special  musical guest Jordan Sipos.